Water for Life

Simoyini Water Project

The project brings clean water to the Simoyini Community. The water will be used for drinking and for irrigation. The water is part of a multi-layered project, improving the living conditions of poor people in the area on several levels. Most parts of the project are already implemented. ACAT has assisted the community to strengthen their communal structures and helped them to establish vegetable gardens as well as marketing structures. Once the community has water, they are able to provide healthy food for themselves and will be able to sell surplus food on nearby markets.

After the successful implementation of the water system, sahee supports the beneficiaries in becoming autonomous and self-governing. This is to ensure an efficient use of the water system for a long time. After the follow-up phase the beneficiaries will be able to run this project by themselves.

Project site

Simoyini (Map)


People living in the Simoyini area under the leadership of the local saving club. 450 members of three local saving- and credit-clubs are implementing this project.
After completion, 700 persons have access to clean water.

Project costs and assistance by sahee

The entire project costs are CHF 62’000.–. The project is fully financed by sahee.

Contribution to the costs of the project, regular contact to the director of ACAT. Development of follow-up phase to ensure sustainability of project

Duration of assistance

1st of January 2006 to 28th of February 2010

Local counterpart

Africa Co-Operative Action Trust (ACAT) Lilima Swaziland, Mbabane

Project site


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Project overview

Watertanks for Springwater


Members of the Simoyini Saving- and Credit-Club


Simoyini Spring