The hidden children

Community Disability Worker Training Programme

Eswatini’s disability prevalence of 16.8% means that approximately 34000 families in the Lubombo region live with disability. Of these families, 84% suffer from poverty and have limited access to healthcare, employment, social interaction or education. Due to the stigmatization of children with impairments and their families, in many cases such children are hidden and isolated at home. The Lubombo district lacks trained service providers who are able to offer disability-related services. Up-skilling community members to become Community Disability Workers (CDWs) offers a feasible and sustainable way of addressing this lack of services. CDW’s would be able to support families in accessing available resources, improve inclusion of Childern With Impairements (CWIs) in daily activities, encourage families to join self-help groups and advocate for inclusive services in their communities, instead of hiding the children at home.
Hence, the aim of the project is to include CWIs and their caregivers in all spheres of community life in the Lubombo region by equipping a base of mid-level workers with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to facilitate the meaningful inclusion of persons with disabilities in healthcare, education, livelihoods and social interaction, and in empowering persons living with disabilities and their families to advocate for their needs.

Project site

Maphungwane, Tikhuba, Mambane and Maphiveni communities (Lubombo region) (Map)


Direct beneficiaries:
12 women to be trained as Community Disability Workers (CDWs)
Indirect beneficiaries:
Women: Estimated around 20 caregivers, excluding other role players who will be supported, such as teachers, nurses, and involved family members.
Men: around 11
Children: around 60 children with impairments

Project costs and assistance by sahee

The entire project costs are CHF 15’000.–, whereas sahee takes over CHF 10’000.–.

Duration of assistance

1st of October 2021 to 31st of December 2022

Local counterpart

Libumba Inclusion Initiative

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Project overview

Libumba works in very remote communities of the Lubombo region.


One of the training sessions for 12 future Community Disability Workers


One of the teaching topics is communication - a key to building trust in the communities and families, and achieving impact.