More than "just" permaculture

Promotion of Permaculture in Eswatini

Guba was founded in May 2009 in an effort to improve quality of life with the people of Eswatini by finding solutions using permaculture. Sahee started to support this small NGO from the very beginning. During the first few years sahee supported the training of subsistence farmers to grow organic food and to become independent of producers of seeds and fertilizers. The scope was to create resilient local communities capable of producing sufficiently diverse and reliable supplies of food using methods that contribute to ecological, social and economic prosperity. Sahee started to support a first intake of trainees (Resilient Peasants) and extended its support to a second intake (Sustainable, low cost agriculture - a positive trend!) based on the success of the first phase and the high demand for further courses.
After five years of work Guba elaborated a new strategic plan and a five year business plan in order to promote the idea of permaculture in a more holistic way.
Guba's main areas of work are:
1. Training in in appropriate technologies, sustainable agriculture, natural resource management, food and nutrition and holistic solutions to challenges raised by community members
2. Production – using sustainable agricultural techniques, Guba
grows to research and experiment with different approaches to feed
lessons learnt into training opportunities, while also
providing Guba with a small sustainable income which is fed
back into organisational growth (skills development, etc.)
3. Advocacy and awareness raising: Provide community members with up-to-date information, raising awareness of relevant issues and offering
sustainable solutions, connecting people and influencing policy.
4. Guba reacted to the increased demand by the younger population of the community for more educational, safe and nurturing spaces for young people and children. Guba offers a Farm Playschool in an effort to promote sustainability, equity and quality within preschool education in Eswatini. For young people aged between 12 and 18 years Guba plans to offer a youth club twice a month where young people can benefit from a safe, positive space and learning experience.

For the first time sahee supports an organisation in its general mission and not in a specific project. This approach became possible due to the successful partnership in the past and Guba's vision and mission, which is very much in line with sahee's objectives.

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Smallholders, youth, community leaders, and extension officers benefit from the courses. Furthermore, children are offered a preschool and young people benefit from a youth club providing a safe space to combine learning and recreation.

Project costs and assistance by sahee

sahee contributes the amount of CHF 200’000.– towards this project.

sahee stays in regular contact with the managing director, monitors the organizational development and visits Guba once a year.

Duration of assistance

1st of January 2016 to 31st of December 2020

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Guba's permaculture garden: the perfect learning environment for courses in sustainable agriculture

To provide training opportunities in appropriate technologies, sustainable agriculture, natural resource management, and food and nutrition is one of the core activities of Guba.

Guba's Montessori preschool