Breaking the downward spiral

Youth Entrepreneurship and Food Security

Since 2003 the small NGO Membatsise Home Based Care works with high commitment towards their mission to provide holistic care and support to families and children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS addressing issues of poverty and unemployment which accelerate new HIV infections among young people in rural communities. Child headed households have been the main focus of the previous project supported by sahee (see Empowerment of child headed households). During this project Membatsise taught affected children relevant skills to lead a household and has shown great commitment in their work. Based on the positive evaluation by sahee the cooperation with Membatsise goes on with a new project.
This project addresses the issue of poverty related to HIV/AIDS. Poverty due to HIV/AIDS increases the vulnerability of young people to get abused or to get involved in illegal activities accelerating new HIV infections.
Membatsise counteracts this downward spiral by empowering young people with life skills and skills, which allow them to generate their own income to support themselves and their families. It promotes self-development and resilience. The youth participating in the project will serve as an inspiration to other youth in the rural communities showing an alternative way to the dead end.
The main activities together with the young participants are:
Trainings on
a) group dynamics
b) activity implementation that will help to identify a sustainable project
c) business entrepreneurship (business and risk management, financial management, how to break even) and
d) specific Training in poultry production, goat production, communal and perm culture gardening
After capacity building in the chosen activities the groups are assisted in implementing their project by instructing them how to build a chicken shed, a goat shed or an irrigation system. Furthermore they are provided with some chickens, goats or seedlings in order to kick off their new businesses.


100 women, 15 men and 65 children under 16 years old benefit directly from the project. Their extended families and the communities benefit indirectly from the project.

Project costs and assistance by sahee

The entire project costs are CHF 35’000.–, whereas sahee takes over CHF 31’000.–.

As with other organizations that have not much experience in working with international donors, sahee advises Membatsise Home Based Care in terms of project management and especially in writing up reports.

Duration of assistance

1st of January 2016 to 31st of December 2018

Local counterpart

Membatsise Home Based Care

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Project overview

The core members of Membatsise Home Based Care


Membatsise supports the youth group Manzana in establishing a poultry project.


Youth group Nhlambeni: Soon there shall be a vegetable garden growing in this field