Rescue for the Desperate

Building the Social Services Department

Cabrini Ministries is a distinguished catholic Relief Organisation, being active in Swaziland for over 40 years. The center is located in the hot, dry lowveld in the country in a very remote area. It supports many desperate people in this area, fighting AIDS-related illnesses, hunger or lack of access to education, water, and assistance.
However, the Organisation realized that it lacked of a Social Services Department which would be able to reach out to the very sick at home or the powerless who are trapped at thier home.
Thanks to this project, Cabrini Ministries now develops its social department with a social worker, a nurse and a psychologist. These professionals identify and visit families and children in distress and can provide them with direct help. They can treat traumatized children and link them to a variety of services at the centre.
All people in need are being helped, regardless of their religious affiliation or their background.

Project site

St. Phillips (Map)


All families and persons, especially women and children living around St. Philipps and finding themselves in precarious situations.

Project costs and assistance by sahee

The entire project costs are CHF 33’000.–, whereas sahee takes over CHF 15’000.–.

sahee contributes CHF 15'000 towards this project and stays in regular contact with the project manager, visiting the project once a year.

Duration of assistance

1st of July 2013 to 30th of June 2014

Local counterpart

Cabrini Ministries Swaziland

Project site

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Project overview

Visit at a homestead in need


Cabrini staff Sharon visits a child-headed household


Cabrini Ministries' Headquarters in St. Phillips (Lowveld)