Sustainable, low cost agriculture - a positive trend!

Growing Resilient Communities - 2nd training cycle

This project enables the extension of the shortly ending project growing resilient communities. Due to the very positiv results of the first training cycle (88% attendence of the 26 participants, of which 22 graduated in August 2012, and the frequent requests received at Guba for information and support in developing sustainable, low cost agricultural systems at homestead level) another training cycle with a new intake of participants will be carried out for 2013/2014.
The scopes of the project are to create resilient local communities capable of producing sufficiently diverse and reliable supplies of food using methods that contribute to ecological, social & economic prosperity. Participants will complete training with a sustainable and viable food production plan reflecting their specific socio-economic, environmental and aspirational dynamics. Successful participants from this project phase shall be invited in a future project phase to continue the training focusing at combining sustainable agriculture techniques with consumer-driven marketing, high-value and value-added products, and the development of peer reviewed organic certification.

Project site

Luyengo, Malkerns & Mahlanya


Direct beneficiaries
1. 10 community leaders engaged to support the program
2. 100 people who attend public meetings promoting program
3. 26-30 community participants complete training
4. Up to 10 Ministry of Agriculture & NGO personnel visit training
Total: +/- 150 people

Indirect beneficiaries:
1. 208-240 dependents of the 26-30 community participants selected for training (Each community person supports +/- 8 dependents. The majority of which are children under 18 years, the elderly and terminally ill)
2. 130-150 community members who benefit from information and support passed on by the 26-30 people graduating from the programme (estimated at 5 per graduate)

Project costs and assistance by sahee

The entire project costs are CHF 68’000.–, whereas sahee takes over CHF 20’000.–.

CHF 20’000.-

Duration of assistance

1st of January 2013 to 30th of September 2015

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Project site

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Project overview

The garden of a participant


Ecologically and economically worthwhile: Intercropping


Poster at the garden gate of a commited graduate of the first training cycle: Another way to spread knowledge.