Comprehensive development for the far South-East - consolidated

Integrated Rural Development Program – For improved health, food security, income - Phase II

The aim of this project is to ensure the sustained impact of the achievements that the former project had on the South-East of Swaziland. Sahee supported the implementation of the former project as can be seen in this web-site's archive under "Comprehensive development for the far South-East".
In this new phase the 20 established Saving and Self-Help-Clubs (SACCO) of poor farmers - mainly women- will become fully independent from ACAT. Groups will be trained to solve any difficulties and to assist other SACCOs if necessary. These SACCOs will play an important role in the economic improvement of this remote area.
Looking back at the first phase shows that there is already a good activity in lending locally saved money to group members with credits of about SZL 40'000 (USD 5'200) in 2010 and funds at the SACCOs at the end of 2010 of SZL 60'000 (USD 8'500). All interest goes into the groups and to their members. Beneficiaries have been trained in alternative agricultural practices aiming at secured provision with staples and other food, making farmers more independent of seed providers and rainfall. The activities in the field of agriculture have improved the local food security and agricultural knowledge of the members. As a third activity, beneficiaries have learned how to protect themselves from being infected by the HI-Virus and other diseases. the only activity that failed to meet expectations was the establishment of a variety of income-generating activities. This is likely to be due to the still very low purchasing power in the area and therefore a low demand in services.
A small study has been realized by ACAT at the end of year 4 of this project. it shows successes of this project but also makes clear that challenges remain. It is available as download in the pdf-format.

Project site

Mambane, Lubombo -Region (Map)


About 1500 persons

Project costs and assistance by sahee

The entire project costs are CHF 14’100.–. The project is fully financed by sahee.

Sahee takes over all costs of this project to ensure sustainability and allow all group members to take full responsibility over their tasks and group work. Sahee is in regular contact with ACAT-staff and visits the project at least once.

Duration of assistance

1st of April 2011 to 31st of March 2012

Local counterpart

ACAT Lilima Swaziland

Project site


Mambane Final Evaluation 2012_April.pdf

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Project overview

Each SACCO meets once a week, many under a tree


A vegetable garden, protected from husbandry with a fence of natural materials


Being member of a SACCO is more than just financial benefits: simple hut of a member