Youth unemployment in Swaziland

Study on youth entrepreneurship and youth employment in Swaziland

Actual economic situation in Swaziland is devastating. GDP declined in 2010 by 2 % and public debt stood at 13% of annual GDP. Unemployment rate climbes higher each year and stands now at 30% (sources IMF and worldbank).
Youth are particularly affected by the bleak economic situation due to lack of experience and connections. Only few find regular employment while most have to put up with informal jobs. Some try to start an own business.
Researcher Signhild Brosvik lived for many years in Swaziland and works at the Manzini Youth Care. In 2010 she conducted a preliminary study on youth entrepreneurship (see link).
Together with sahee she developed this in-depth study on youth entrepreneurship and focuses especially on possibilities for self-employment in rural areas where the large majority of the Swazi population still lives.
Findings of the study will be shared with local NGOs and governmental organizations as well as the public and will help to initiate programmes that improve the setting for youth employment and entrepreneurship.

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All Swaziland, urban and rural areas (Map)


There are no direct beneficiaries. The results will be published and help NGOs and sahee to develop programmes to improve conditions for youth entrepreneurship and youth employment. Youth scouting for possibilities on the labor market and for enterpreneurship can also draw on the findings of this study.

Project costs and assistance by sahee

The entire project costs are CHF 5’500.–. The project is fully financed by sahee.

sahee helped develop this study and gives regular feedbacks while monitoring the ongoing research. It fully finances this study.

Duration of assistance

1st of February 2011 to 31st of December 2011

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Signhild Brosvik

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A tree symbolizes chances and pitfalls when establishing a business


Researcher and assistant: Signhild Brosvik and Stanley Ndzinisa