Empowering the local CBO Indvuli

Leadership- and Capacity Building for Indvuli

The iniciative of Indvuli goes back to 2008 when Dumsile Hlatswako met with sahee's representative for the first time. Dumsile wanted to help the youth in her home-area but was not sure how to go about. sahee brought her together with its trusted local partner-NGO ACAT. ACAT specializes in educating disadvantaged groups, mainly women. In 2009 Indvuli has been founded together with eight other experienced community members who share the wish to give better professional perspectives for their hard-working youths. In order to pass on the skills to train and support Sigombeni's youth groups, ACAT identified fields where Indvuli members need additional training. During one year, Indvuli members will be trained to become trainers and consultants for youth groups.
Training courses comprise the following topics:
- Group development,
- Business development,
- Organizational development and
- Book keeping
In addition, Indvuli members will be monitored by ACAT's staff during the first year in their work, so problems that arise can be dealt with immediately.
It is also planned to construct a simple structure that will serve as Indvuli's first office.
This project will be beneficial to all youths in Sigombeni who want to start a business career after leaving school.
Likewise, the project empowers Indvuli CBO because the support will be transferred directly to the group's account. Thus they will become customers of ACAT instead of applicants.

Project site

Sigombeni (Map)


Board of Indvuli CBO (Community-Based-Organization) and Youth groups around Sigombeni with all their members

Project costs and assistance by sahee

The entire project costs are CHF 15’500.–. The project is fully financed by sahee.

This project is 100% sahee-financed. sahee connected the CBO with a suitable local partner organization and assisted in developing the project.

Duration of assistance

1st of August 2010 to 30th of June 2013

Local counterpart

ACAT (Africa Cooperative Action Trust) - Lilima Swaziland

Project site


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Project overview

Indvuli Members with representatives of youth groups, ACAT and sahee


Developing Organizational chart for Indvuli


Discussion among representatives of Youth groups and Indvuli