A manual to get clean drinking water

Basic Concepts Related to Water

The majority of Swaziland's rural poor have no access to drinking water. This project provides beneficiaries with the necessary know-how to get clean water. An illustrated bilingual manual will be developed and propagated in all rural communities once it is finished. It will give self-help groups a key to access the right people and organizations to developtheir local drinking water-systems. In addition, this project makes knowledge accessible to disadvantaged rural people. it shall help strengthening and empowering rural women and children. The higher their level of information the more powerful they can become.
Because of the time consuming coordination of the actors and activities at the local, regional and national level the project has been extended until February 2013.

Project site

Hhohho (Map)


Inhabitants of 18 rural communities in Northern Swaziland, especially women and children who have no access to clean drinking water.

Project costs and assistance by sahee

The entire project costs are CHF 28’000.–. The project is fully financed by sahee.

Taking over the full costs of this project. Giving feedbacks during the writing of the manual and commenting on the final draft.

Duration of assistance

1st of April 2008 to 30th of December 2014

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Project overview

Vusumnotfo Training Centre: learning about Water


Kathy Gau, Author of the water manual