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Support for training and marketing

Indlu Finlandia Design and Training Centre is a small Swazi Organization, funded and directed by a Finnish Artist, living for her lifetime in Swaziland.

Any Swazi, interested in Arts and Handicraft but without a job is invited to join Indlu as a student. The small organization is run by only two paid employees. Part of the work is done by the students who in turn are trained for free. More experienced students are expected to train those who start. Seminars are conducted to exchange and learn new skills or to develop new designs. Indlu aims at strengthening self-confidence of its students and makes sure that the products find buyers. The local UNICEF-branch lately put an order for conference-maps. After their training, students are free to decide if they want to work with and at Indlu or if they prefer to become independent artists.

With growing numbers of students and skilled artists more products can be made but marketing also becomes more important. Sahee supports the establishment of the website for this organization which can serve to better market the artefacts and handmade articles. The result can be seen on "". Products made by Indlu artists can be ordered directly from this site.

Project site

Ezulwini Tal (Map)


Students and producers of Indlu Finlandia

Project costs and assistance by sahee

The entire project costs are CHF 4’000.–. The project is fully financed by sahee.

CHF 4.000; Visits to the Organization, Interviews with students and director.

Duration of assistance

1st of January 2008 to 31st of December 2008

Local counterpart

Indlu Finlandia



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