Create local income to support orphans

Orphans and vulnerable children poultry project

Moyamunye community, a group of local people plans a broiler project to support orphans and to create employment. The original project had to be re-dimensioned to be more in line with local demand and marketing possibilities. The project initiators select World Vision as the local NGO to assist them in implementing the project.

sahee initiates and finances a one-week seminar for this and another group to improve the understanding of group dynamics, to make clear all rights and duties coming with each function of a group member. The seminal also addresses the issue of respect towards competing producers and mentions possibilities for synergies. It further improves the cooperation among all development agencies in the Mambane region.

Sahee continues to support this group through a local development expert. He facilitates the phase of becoming self-dependent and ensures that the income supports orphan's homesteads. In the last phase of support, sahee grants a loan to the group to purchase broiler chicken. The local development facilitator makes sure the beneficiaries become truly independent and being able to support local orphans.

Project site

Mambane, Lubombo (Map)


Families iniciating this project and their dependants; orphans and vulnerable children in Mambane.

Project costs and assistance by sahee

The entire project costs are CHF 35’000.–, whereas sahee takes over CHF 31’900.–.

CHF 31.900; contact with all involved local NGOs, several visits at the site, organization of a group training and support with conflict-solving, finding a sustainable solution through local expert Stanley Ndzinisa. He will make sure the beneficiaries pay back the loan in time

Duration of assistance

1st of March 2007 to 31st of December 2012

Local counterpart

ACAT, Stanley Nzinisa

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Project overview

Moyamunye Group


One of two chicken pen of Moyamunye


Signboard to the project