Product Development!

First men to be offered an income by Gone Rural

Gone Rural is a small Swazi company. This company has a strong social mission, employing more than 600 rural women, most of them living in poverty in remote areas. These women bring their skills in pottery and weaving or beading. Gone rural builds on the women’s skills in order to raise them to a very high standard in quality and design. These high-quality and handmade articles are competitive on the international market. Most often Gone Rural is the only employer reaching out to these remote areas and giving these poverty-stricken families a little income.

Now, sahee supports Gone rural in developing a new product. These newly developed articles of daily use include copper that has been worked on and ornamented by hand. In the 15-year old history of Gone rural it is the first time that men are included as homeworkers. The aim is to have men and women participating in a local chain of adding value to unique artifacts, grown, developed and produced 100% in Swaziland.
The first group of men trained in processing copper will be training more groups of men as numbers of these newly developed goods increase.

Project site

Area around Mahlanya (Map)


First course for six men, more men are to join

Project costs and assistance by sahee

The entire project costs are CHF 3’700.–. The project is fully financed by sahee.

CHF 3'700; visits at Gone Rural and during the courses at a Swazi plumbing company

Duration of assistance

1st of March 2007 to 31st of December 2007

Local counterpart

Gone Rural

Project site


Final report 3.08.pdf

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Project overview

Swazi men who got employment thanks to this project


Copper/Lutinzi-grass bowls: High in demand from Collectors worldwide