A better future for the OVCs of Mahlanya: an integral approach

Integrated Child Development Program Mahlanya

The cooperation between sahee and Moya Centre has started in 2009. The first project sahee supported addressed the needs of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) affected by HIV/AIDS by providing them the skills and the care they need in order to develop into mentally and physically healthy adults (see Helping children to stay on the right track). Early childhood development (ECD) was the main focus. In a second project the focus shifted towards the parents or caregivers of the children taking into account their essential role in guiding and supporting the children on their way to becoming adults. Moya Center strengthened their knowledge, skills, confidence and motivation to provide guidance, support, positive discipline and life skills to the children in their care through a series of workshops (see Becoming true parents).
In the current project the two approaches are combined and linked to a socioeconomic component. ECD is one key component, which is addressed by creating play groups in 13 areas of Mahlanya. The caregivers meet with the children three times a week for two hours to engage in playschool activities. The caregivers are continuously mentored and assisted by Moya Centre. Furthermore the children are integrated in part-time preschools. Another key component is psycho social support (PSS) provided and taught to the caregivers empowering them to counsel and mentor the children. A new approach is to include capacity building in permaculture gardening with the aim of increasing food security in the homesteads of the caregivers and to provide regular and healthy food to the children. Furthermore, Moya provides on-going training to empower caregivers on personal budgeting strategies and income generation in order to strengthen the economic sustainability of the households.

With this three folded approach Moya Centre wants to achieve the following main objectives:
- Resilient, self sufficient and responsible children and youth in the community.
- Peaceful home environments for children and families.
- Improved levels of self-esteem among OVCs.
- Children have improved school performance and attendance.
- Increased food security for community children with higher nutritional value.

Project site

Mahlanya (Map)


The project targets all families within Lobamba Lomdzala including Lobamba and Mahlabovu. This means around 1200 children and 1300 adults.

Project costs and assistance by sahee

The entire project costs are CHF 165’000.–. The project is fully financed by sahee.

Sahee stays in regular contact with the project leaders, monitors the activities and visits the project on site.

Duration of assistance

1st of January 2016 to 31st of December 2018

Local counterpart

Moya Centre

Project site


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Project overview

Moya's Kids Club: Interactive learning and play with children and Parents/guardians learn about health, nutrition, and child development


Work on the ground: Homestead visits to support parents/caregivers and children