Empowerment of child headed households

Youth Entrepreneurship Empowerment

Membatsise home based care was established in 2003 by a group of woman infected and affected by HIV and AIDS and its impact. They saw the need of caring for their friends and relatives who were sent back to the community from hospitals sick because beds were full. They had to be cared for by relatives, but some had no one to care for them so that they were left to die alone in their homesteads. There were many deaths in the communities and many orphans that were left behind resulting in child headed households, which needed support. Hence, the women created the Membatsise Home Based Care, by now comprising 105 female volunteer care givers that live within the communities and are trained on home-based and palliative care in order to provide care and support to the sick and all vulnerable people.
The focus of this project is to empower young people in rural communities by capacitating them with appropriate social and marketable skills in order to promote self-development and reliance.To reach that aim, the following activities are carried out:
1. Conduct trainings on record keeping
2. Conduct workshops on marketing
3. Conduct training for young people on nature preservation
4. Initiate self-help project for young people
5. Conduct training on handcraft and sewing for young people

Project site

Buhleni, Hhohho District (Map)


50 children below 16 years (direct benefit) and their families (indirect benefit).

Project costs and assistance by sahee

The entire project costs are CHF 10’000.–, whereas sahee takes over CHF 9’000.–.

sahee supports this project with CHF 9'000. Similar as with other organizations that have not much experience in cooperating with international donors, sahee can advise Membatsise Home Based Care in terms of project management and especially in writing up reports.

Duration of assistance

1st of March 2014 to 28th of February 2015

Local counterpart

Membatsise Home Based Care

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