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Kwakha Indvodza: Mahlanya male mentoring project

The organization Kwakha Indvodza addresses an important issue with its Male Mentoring Project. Generally, men are looked down at by most "experts" in development work. They are considered to be lazy, drunkards and prone to violence. Already as boys they are confronted with such prejudices that prevail in their own society and have a hard time fighting them. Sadly, many men do show such doubtful behavior. For male youths it is very hard to counter these "negative" images without becoming lampooned by their friends.
The Male Mentoring Project works with local peer educators who are positive role models. These motivated young Swazi men engage with the members of Kwakha Indvodza and develop cool projects and activities in the community. In this project, youth experience attractive ways to make a meaningful contribution to their communities. They can also develop strong friendships while getting some guidance how to set up their ways of life in a promising way. The organization and the peer educators live up to an open and positive way of live, which builds on mutual respect and support and is in accordance with high ethical standards. We hope that it may help to improve the quality of live for everyone in the community of Mahlanya.

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About 60 youths and young men

Project costs and assistance by sahee

The entire project costs are CHF 16’000.–, whereas sahee takes over CHF 10’000.–.

sahee supports this project with CHF 10'000, taking over 2/3 of the overall project cost. Similar as with other young organizations that have not much experience in cooperating with international donors, sahee can advise Kwakha Indvodza in terms of project management and especially in writing up reports.

Duration of assistance

1st of January 2014 to 31st of December 2014

Local counterpart

Kwakha Indvodza

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