Worthy toilets and access to safe drinking water

Integrated Sustainable Water and Sanitation Intervention

The situation in the Mahlabaneni Primary, Mndobandoba Primary, Ncandweni Primary and KaSchiele Primary regarding the access and quality to drinking water and sanitation are precarious. The urgency to improve the situation has not only been noted by LDS, the local partner organisation of sahee, but also by the sahee staff itself which visited the schools in 2012. The project shall not only benefit the schools, their teachers and scholars but also the surrounding communities belonging to 3 so called neighbourhood care points (NCP). The main objectives of the project are:
1. To improve the quality of sanitation facilities in the four primary schools and the access therein.
2. To improve access to safe drinking water in 3 neighbourhood care points and 1 primary school.
3. To improve good sanitation and hygienes practices amongst 50 school teachers and 15 NCP caregivers children (using schools and NCPs as entry points; school teachers and NCP caregivers agents of change).
To reach these objectives five compartment water-borne flush latrines (one primary school) and five compartment pit latrines (three primary schools) are constructed, 5,000 liters water tanks for three NCPs and one primary school are procured, and trainings on hygiene and sanitation are provided and implemented with a high engagement of the community.

Project site

Mbabane, districts Hhohho and Lubombo (Map)


Women: 15 caregivers from the neighbourhood care points (NCP) and 35 female teachers from the 4 primary schools.
Men: 15 male teachers from the 4 primary schools.
Children: approximately 2,000 pupils from the 4 primary schools and approximately 90 children from the 3 NCPs .

Project costs and assistance by sahee

The entire project costs are CHF 30’850.–. The project is fully financed by sahee.

This project is entirely financed by sahee.

Duration of assistance

1st of July 2012 to 30th of June 2013

Local counterpart

Lutheran Development Services (LDS)

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Project overview

The main beneficiaries of the project are the school children


Watertanks that need to be replaced


The toilets are highly frequented but...


... very simple and unhygienic