Literacy training for Artist-Blacksmiths

Tintsaba Literacy and Numeracy Programme

About 900 women work at their homes for the Fair-Trade-Organization "tintsaba". During a recent reunion, many women mentioned their academic limitations as one of their main stumbling-blocks in their daily life. They are not able to support their children academically, they are not able to cross the border because this involves filling in forms, they are not able to start an own business because their lack of mathematics and writing skills.
Tintsaba now offers to those women who are most in need bi-weekly literacy trainings.
the aim is to improve literacy. and numeracy skills of the women to make their lives easier and to make them more independent as well as increasing their self-respect.

Tintsaba writes about the programme:
"We know that promoting the education of adults will have a ‘trickle down’ effect within their communities. Once mothers are able to function within our literate world; reading transport signs, understanding hospital costs and food prices, we trust more emphasis will be placed on the importance of education within the rural communities of Swaziland. This will give the next generation, the opportunity to earn a higher income, enabling them to both support their families and contribute to the country’s economy."

Project site

near Piggs Peak, northern-Hhohho (Map)


70 Women

Project costs and assistance by sahee

The entire project costs are CHF 15’000.–, whereas sahee takes over CHF 12’300.–.

Contribution of CHF 12'300 towards the project costs and regular contacts to the manager and the responsible person for the project. On-site-visits.

Duration of assistance

1st of March 2011 to 31st of December 2011

Local counterpart

Tintsaba Craft Ltd

Project site

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Project overview

The participating students use stones to form letters


A student, writing her first letters in her life


Participant using a Newspaper for her reading exercise