Comprehensive development for the far South-East

Integrated Rural Development Program – For improved health, food security, income

People in the far south-eastern part of Swaziland will benefit from this integrated rural development program that strives to improve livelihoods through a multi-faceted approach. Sahee already supported two poultry projects in this region. Members of these two projects may join in for the new activities. Support is given in the following fields:
1. Formation of at least 10 Savings- and Credit-clubs per annum. Through these clubs members increase their financial stability and get better access to credits. Interest directly benefits the saving-and credit-clubs.
2. Strengthening Subsistence-Agriculture: Everyone in the area is invited to learn more about low-input agriculture and to improve food-production at the household level. This activity is especially important in this time of increasing food prices.
3. Development of income-generating activities in close cooperation with local people. A saloon? A charging station for batteries of mobile phones? A Kiosk? A dressmaker shop? These would be thinkable activities. Any activity that is feasible and responds to people"s wishes can become a viable means to generate income.
4. Raising awareness in the field of HIV/AIDS. Swaziland is on a good way to fight this epidemic but on a personal level HIV/AIDS is still much tabooed. Dangerous and wrong beliefs how an infection can be avoided are still widespread and will be targeted in the awareness campaign.

Project site

Mambane, Lubombo-Region (Map)


About 2000 persons

Project costs and assistance by sahee

The entire project costs are CHF 86’000.–, whereas sahee takes over CHF 64’700.–.

CHF 64.700; contact with ACAT and beneficiaries, visits at the sites, regular feedbacks on the reports.

Duration of assistance

1st of March 2008 to 28th of February 2011

Local counterpart

ACAT Lilima Swaziland

Project site

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Project overview

Member of a Self-help-group


Every saving-clup member keeps track of her savings and expenditures


Sweet potatoes and bananas for guests in Mambane